i answer random questions because it is fun and helps me feed my brain while it is starving. go on...

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06.01.23 08:35 pm

are you still here

yes i am.

23.10.22 07:38 pm

what is the 4th dimension? i think it is whatever dimension bill lives in.

the 4th dimension is XD.

23.10.22 07:37 pm


hmm. i made a lot of vids but none of them seem to stand out. it is pretty hard to decide...

...but i think it is pop quiz, based on the quality of the vids.

20.08.22 02:13 am

i tried to do a thing while i did things but the thing i was trying didnt really work, what should i do

you should try matching the thing with the other things you did while trying to do the thing. otherwise, maybe try doing 1 10 10 the thing, which is a more hardcore and powerful thing than the thing you were trying to do. try to do that instead of the thing you tried to do before. maybe that would fix the thing and allow it to work.

19.08.22 10:07 pm

19.08.22 10:07 pm

Yea-hea! but not the pizzas that contain many anchovies or stuff i hate

10.07.22 08:44 pm

are pineapples pizzas?

no. i think you could put pizza on a pineapple

10.07.22 08:44 pm

what's your favorite board game?


10.07.22 08:42 pm

which universe do you live in exactly?

the main one

10.07.22 08:41 pm

does solar systems exist

yes. and probably some other ones

21.05.22 09:21 pm



18.05.22 10:19 pm

if the world doesn't end, is it ready to begin?

no. if the world was to begin, it would have to end first. but if in this case, the world beginning means everything changing and stuff, then yes, it is ready. it is the natural process of evolution.

30.03.22 09:10 am

do you like trees

also yes. i like trees. trees are nature.

30.03.22 09:10 am



30.03.22 09:10 am

tell us the TRUTH you sus

my old servers were swept away by the hack, so if i caused any chaos there surely it would've been deleted. i think i remember discussing with my new friends about the place where i refused to listen to mature people i kept mentioning.

24.03.22 05:33 pm

Still counts as a raid, But okay.

The names? most your friends from Guess Who AKA your Server, which is Self-Explanatory ENOUGH.

IT IS true you're that sussy imposter roblox noob in disguise or SHOULD i say.. Alt acc of yours from your tiktok? spying on US?

that must be madman2000, which has been renamed to TheJustinator#4750. yes, that is me. it has been hacked, and i'm not going to restore it. i also restored my main, which has been hacked before in late feburary of this year.

[edit 25.08.2022] speaking of spying, I KNOW WHAT SPYING IS NOW and WHY it is BAD. i think it was since 23.04.2022 since i asked my friends to stop spying on that date.

tell us, What we're you doing there besides lurking? i'm pretty sure that's not ALLOWED at all, right? Be truly honest, sussy sus.

23.03.22 08:25 pm

Are you the one who tries to raid in 'you know that place you refused to listened to mature people that you don't stop mentioning'? Don't try to lie, It's you, isn't I T?

Tell us the TRUTH. You sus

if the raid happened recently: no. i do not remember anything about raiding that server recently.

but if the supposed raid happened in november 2021, that wasn't a raid. we didn't wreck any havoc to that place. i just sent them to see the path of destruction i left behind.

if you are still concerned, tell me the usernames of the raiders, so i can verify whether it was me or not. i promise i will be honest this time.

18.03.22 12:37 pm

do you know who i am?

if i had to take a guess, you are probably reddish.

21.12.21 09:15 pm

have you ever try growing up & taking responsibility like a man, not like a child with a victim card?

i guess.

i probably committed victim card when i sent the "THE GUY WE ALL HATE" question on dave's q+a. or when i told veroj to send a certain message on the BW server.

also, just now (today on 25.05.2022 when i edited this) i probably realized that when i say that "i am embarassed at my behaviour", it may as well also be considered as playing the victim. (i don't really know if it's true)

if you don't know, i sent some messages saying "i cringe at my behaviour" approximately dating back to november 2021. so i deleted the majority of them.

actually, i really was embarassed at my behaviour. guess i should move on.

13.12.21 12:25 am

Play this game and tell me what you think https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/451620883/

i like it

11.12.21 12:51 pm

baba is you. baba feeling you is defeat. what will you do now?


03.12.21 11:18 pm

not a question, but your website is awesome! just discovered it and it's crazy. have a good day my guy

thank you

17.10.21 10:15 pm

nice website

how many drives do you have on your computer (i saw the video with the F:\), it sounds like a lot. i just shove everything on C:\Cloud which is onedrive synced, then subfolders for stuff.

i have C:\ the main drive, D:\ the old one during the windows update (attacked by ransom) and finally F:\

can you explain your file system a bit more.

i store content folders in F:\Main\projects\content\videos\. this directory has content folders, each content folder has the assets as well as the project file for the content.

have a nice day

04.10.21 10:20 pm

do you like sea of thieves

i haven't played it and i'm not sure if i like it or not

04.10.21 10:20 pm

am i arifraif123 or not

i don't know who you are, but you might be

19.08.21 01:16 am

did you eat my beans

i don't recall eating your beans. these are the only beans i eat

13.08.21 02:02 pm

Are you the real Justin Bieber?

G u i t a r   N o i s e s

"Sir I dont understand what that means, you only have a few seconds left"

R i f f   i n t e n s i f i e s

12.08.21 10:34 am

justin what network do you use? ken or bof?

uh i'm not sure

also do you like todn

it makes me say Stun Seed backwards

12.08.21 10:19 am

can you please give me your ip: https://amogus.com !

12.08.21 10:14 am

dead ct noob dead cta cat noob NOOB NOOOOOOB IUQHYW90DIJ WQ LOLLLLLLLL


11.08.21 10:10 pm

Do you actually have my ip

not anymore. i refreshed the logged questions with the new system that doesn't log ur ip anymore.

11.08.21 07:18 pm

what were you planning to do with the people you sent in the server?

i just sent them to read the path of destruction i left behind on the bill wurtz discord server. just so they know.

and why do you spy on us? can you please stop and move on?

i think i've stopped already, but i'm actually convinced that it might be physically impossible for me to stop. i no longer log your IP addresses whenever you ask a question on the questions page, or spam DM anybody invading their personal space. is that it?

and yes, i will move on... once i forget. i hope i forget this soon

01.07.21 01:01 am

if you happen to be the person who took dave's name on tiktok please tell him, he wants it back

i did not remember anything about taking dave's name on tiktok.

24.06.21 07:44 am

[asking for a friend] do you know why vegas runs extremely slow on some computers? i tried it out on my computer and it ran fine, but his ran extremely slow. are there certain settings or cases where it doesnt work, or does not having gpu support affect performance to that much of an extent? (his specific card is not supported by the version of vegas he has) any input on this issue would be helpful.

i'm not sure. it must be the gpu

[asking for myself] also, what brings you to use vegas instead of another program like adobe premiere (about me says you use photoshop so i don't know if this means you have the whole suite or just photoshop). is it because you just know vegas very well?

i tried adobe premiere once, it was good. i also have after effects but i never use it. also because i know vegas very well.

have a nice day.

21.06.21 09:46 am

What are your thoughts on people who believe the earth is flat?

they are yet to believe that the earth is round. otherwise, they themselves are flat and fake.

14.06.21 10:32 am



11.06.21 09:58 am



11.06.21 09:40 am

did you know that theres normal dragonfruit that is red and green and shiny dragonfruit that is yellow?????

hey, that's really neat!

11.06.21 09:34 am

are bvadhsjp


02.06.21 10:10 pm

opinions on microsoft azure

neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat, and normal, and also...

25.05.21 12:49 pm


that's cool. speaking of amogus,

10.05.21 10:56 am

explain who are you

i'm a bill-wurtz influenced person who makes content, such as videos, music, and pictures. for more see about page

20.04.21 10:21 pm

got some money

got some cash
i'm rich and now i'm sad
and i wonder if i'm sad about the money that i have.

20.04.21 10:20 pm

I hardly know anything about malaysia, tell me sth about your country

yes, i in fact live in malaysia, but i'm too lazy to explain, maybe check on the web

20.04.21 10:19 pm

what's your favourite food?

i have too many favorites to decide on a single favorite.

20.04.21 10:15 pm

the question from 20.4.21 is weird, isn'it? lol

obviously. i hate to answer these types of questions

20.04.21 12:18 pm

Dear Partner;

I came across your email contact on Database; Where i was searching for a competent Partner who can handle a lucrative business for me as trustee and manager. I anticipate to read from you soon so I can provide you with more details.

Yours Sincerely, Alh. Attahiru Bafarawa

sorry, i am not the type to handle such work, so i shall have to decline this offer. i apologize.

03.04.21 06:45 pm

Have you stopped making Pixel art from Daniel's audible Sponsor sketches?


03.04.21 06:41 pm

Collaboration list?

Some of the lesser-known collabs with my friends were:

to summarize, i'm good at music

28.03.21 08:44 pm

do you answer questions more often that bill wurts does?

I actually answer questions asked IMMEDIATELY if I am active at that time. Otherwise, I will do it next time I am. Sometimes, there may be a break.
Bill Wurtz, on the other hand, only updates it every few days.
But for the AMOUNT of questions, Bill Wurtz wins.

28.03.21 11:48 am

What do AC and CE mean on a calculator?

AC = ALL CLEAR - wipes out everything
CE = CLEAR ENTRY - clears last entry

19.03.21 12:52 am

YAML or JSON; which would you use

JSON, by an entire mile.

19.03.21 12:51 am

what is your favorite aspect about this website (including workflow and other things a user does not see)

Its sleek design. Especially since the Blazing Amazing Gigantic Website Animating Styling Revamping Update! (B.A.G.W.A.S.R.U.)

19.03.21 12:50 am

why does the web page shake a little when you hover over the links.


18.03.21 09:38 pm

Epick: THE-W.mp3

The what?

14.03.21 10:22 pm

What is the closest habitable planet other than Earth?

We have no idea yet. However, according to Bluechair, it could be the Alive(??) moon. (see this episode)

14.03.21 12:56 am

Epick: Do you like how I walk?

do you like how i talk
do you like how my face


11.03.21 10:33 pm

Justin this question below me is not my question nor is me

oh, ok. sorry. i was mistaken.

11.03.21 10:18 pm

Do you know when ROBLOX was listed on the stock market? What is the STOCK CODE?

stock market? stock code? okay, let me google it...
...oh. wow. that's Le Epic™. It actually exists. Even though...

11.03.21 08:08 pm

Another question from a egg hunter person: Epick: What do you think of devhunts and egghunts?

Why, hello again, Mr Epick!
Yea, I think Egg Hunts are kinda cool. Especially when they have elements related to this kind of game!

08.03.21 01:34 am

From Epick: Is there any easter eggs / secrets on this website?

Hello, Mr Epick. We can assure you, there are NO secrets or easter eggs on this website.
though i may be thinking of adding some myself

05.03.21 09:57 am

When are you going to upload longer or full-length videos (3 minutes) instead of short Monday videos?

Have you not seen my visual cover that lasted 2:59, almost 3 mins?
Aside from that, I shall upload more LONG videos when I feel like it. After uploading LONG videos, four types of vids will be unlocked:

14.02.21 03:29 am

How to sleep when you can't fall asleep?

Try to just... sleep. Like, do nothing and relax your body. Can't do that? Maybe because you haven't been sleeping early. Probably sleeping early could help. Also, no coffee/tea or anything with caffeine in it.

12.02.21 12:22 pm

how long was the question page down for?

I cannot even begin to count. I also forgot. I think it was one month. I MISSED ONE MONTH OF QUESTIONS OH MY GOD

11.12.20 04:00 pm

1. bruh the swipe card isnt that hard..... -.-

sorry, i was exaggerating because i was angry 😡

2. do you want Dave Caruso to be your boyfriend?

We were already friends back then. Sadly, our friendship broke because his mom told him not to talk to people he does not know.

3. why are you logging my IP address?

a) to identify who asks questions on my website.
b) to have the ability to IP ban people if they break the rules.

4. have you ever played mincraft and if so what is your opinion on it?

I have played Minecraft. And it's cooooool... (sadly, i rarely play it nowadays)

5. are you insane?

since i can create content and answer questions normally, i am not insane. thanks

6. why is your parents favorite color tan?

HOW DID YOU KNOW just kidding. it's not

woah... that is a lot of questions! for the first time on my website... CREATIVE QUESTION AWARD!

11.12.20 03:48 pm

give me a random answer, i cant think of a question.


03.12.20 12:34 pm

How do you decide which is the most popular question?

It works just like a "frequently asked questions" page. And not 'question', QUESTIONS.

26.11.20 11:35 am

Have you heard of myers briggs?

No, I haven't. But I did google him and I found out that he made a personality test.

what is your personality type?

Exemplary question! After taking the Myers Briggs personality test, I declare my personality type:

23.11.20 07:18 am

Another question: Why is Project Me for your friends only?

it's a roblox game, and i don't want famous people to play it

23.11.20 07:11 am

Do you have any ideas/concepts for PokeMe?

not at the moment, but i may consider adding your "Zany" achievement

19.11.20 11:45 pm

is levi montgomery your roommate

no, i don't even know him. plus, he is of a higher authority

19.11.20 11:43 pm

did you enjoy working on elemental 4

Surrre I did! I enjoyed creating the music for elemental 4 (which can be found here)

19.11.20 11:43 pm

why did you get mad when someone made up names of your family

Because I think that is ANNOYING. AND I don't like it.

12.11.20 10:26 am

why is your middle name Stanley

have you forgotten? it's tan.
justin tan.
it's on my youtube channel

12.11.20 10:24 am

you ever been to the university of kentucky?

not yet, so far.

         or         ?


11.11.20 01:54 am

Is Bill Wurtz your dad?


11.11.20 01:54 am

Is Dave Caruso your boyfriend?


10.11.20 11:31 am

why is ur dad named jay


10.11.20 11:31 am

why is ur mom named Suzanne


08.11.20 11:51 am


a font. it's one of my favorites (after i dropped comic sans)
this is all thanks to bill wurtz

08.11.20 11:50 am

How fast can you type? in W.P.M.

i took a typing test and my results are:

62 WPM
314 characters in 1 minute
oh. and 4 errors.

22.10.20 08:05 am

How do you spend your time during covid-19 stay home period?

using the computer

17.10.20 09:36 am

What is your birthday wish this year?

for all the good things to come to me, happy and healthy every day, and long life, and all my dreams come true.

15.10.20 10:56 pm

Your latest monster songs is such a vibe!

thanks. did you say monster? uh oh...

How do you find your muse?

i am unaware of my muse sometimes. it just comes and goes without me knowing when or why.

04.10.20 04:12 pm

Which is better, pineapple with pizzas or peanut butter with ice cream ?

Pineapple with Pizzas: if you mean you put pineapple on a pizza, that's good. i like it. if it's the other way around, yuck!
Peanut Butter with Ice Cream: also yes.

in conclusion, i am unable to decide.

Choose wisely

02.10.20 10:36 pm

Would you rather be able to type/text very fast or be able to read really quickly?

uh... read really quickly?

30.09.20 08:57 am

Pizza or burgers?

i like both

29.09.20 02:11 pm

What dinosaur would make an interesting pet for you?

not a fan of dinosaurs

26.09.20 04:48 pm

You must have heard of H1N1,

yes. H1N1 is a virus.

what are the H and N stand for?


26.09.20 02:25 pm

Have you heard of Cloud Computing and Big Data?

no, i haven't... but that's a very interesting topic! please, come chat with me about it in Hangouts!!

25.09.20 12:34 pm

So! It appears that Daniel Thrasher has challenged Davie504! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmWnbX7lBzU How do YOU think Davie would handle this situation?

i watched the video. the challenge was at 2:58. it seems that daniel really dares to provoke davie504. i suppose you could keep tabs on his channel

24.09.20 07:18 pm

Which programming language you want to learn next? and why?

i'm thinking c++. because it's powerful. but it's too hard.

24.09.20 01:44 pm

Is superman stronger or ironman?


24.09.20 01:44 pm

What is the funniest movie in ur list?

i don't like movies that much

22.09.20 03:40 pm

Can you tell who asks you which question in q&a?

most of the time, yes. and to make this easier, i may consider logging your IP addresses too.
but for the question on 20.09.20 9:39 am, i would tell the asker that i am considering logging ip addresses. be warned!

22.09.20 02:07 pm

When are you going to compose you complete song?


22.09.20 02:06 pm

Do you love to do exercise?

yes, but exhausting

22.09.20 08:22 am

which is more useful: android tablet or ios tablet.

i think it's IOS

21.09.20 09:41 pm

KFC or McDonald's?

mcdonalds. by a mile. because it's a great place to think

21.09.20 06:46 pm

Can I play your games on mobile phones? Tx.y

impossible. it can't be done. but maybe someday i will add mobile support.

21.09.20 06:41 pm

When is your videos coming out??? By tx.y


21.09.20 01:25 pm

Have you heard of Project Me on roblux?

I created this ROBLOX game!! It's pretty fun, but it's only available to FRIENDS.

21.09.20 10:30 am

Am I funny in class?

I have met you in class, so YES

20.09.20 09:13 pm

how did you make the swinging effect on your character and page title?

css animations

20.09.20 08:20 pm

is everybody's favorite things to do without the hall and it was a the?

no, but i am on the morning time for you to get me and i do we have to do a thing

20.09.20 08:19 pm

no but really, are static variables bad for pregnancy?


20.09.20 02:30 pm

Who do u love most?


20.09.20 02:29 pm

What is your favorite food?

i have many

20.09.20 11:23 am

will the good fellas on discord read this?

if they joined my server, yes!

20.09.20 9:44 am

test testing the test test test testing testosterone testicles testament

maybe you are testing my q&a system? if you are reading this, it worked!!!

20.09.20 9:41 am

how do i win the game

step 1: find the game
step 2: play the game
step 3: win

20.09.20 9:39 am

Why are you logging my IP address?

there is no code that does that on the site! why would you say that?

as of 12.11.20 there is!!!

19.09.20 8:00 pm

are static variables bad for pregnancy?

are you kidding me? those are two very different things, bro. no relation!

19.09.20 8:00 pm

am i a llama?

hmm... i think not.