about me

my name is justin. i am a person who uses a computer.



i have some musicality, such as perfect pitch. it's too perfect to explain.

plus, i can do an instrument. (piano) i can do a ton of instruments, i'm so cool

my likes

sorry if this section is overly detailed. thanks

shy content

there are many things i am too shy to talk about. these include:

...unless i show it to someone who understands.

all of those are MSM youtubers (My Singing Monsters) who make fanmade monsters and islands. i sample their sounds in remixes.

what i use

other software

my style of content evolved over time, until eventually the only MSM youtuber I sampled these days is GHOSTYMPA, who became my favorite. now, almost everything i do is original content.

about the website

i created this website as a portfolio for all my content, whether it be videos, music, ANYTHING. i was also inspired by bill wurtz and dave caruso, who also was inspired by bill wurtz. it is enjoyable. plus, you get some exclusive content as well! like blog posts. you can also ask me questions