04.09.2022 9:22 pm

this website is bad. i'm thinking of revamping it. that's why i haven't updated it in a long while.

or maybe it's because i'm lazy?

"reddtheskunk/reddish" (my friend) told me i should say something here

13.3.21 3:12 pm


I don't remember why, but AMONG US has now driven me crazy forever. It's a very sus feeling indeed. AMOGNAMOGMAMGANOMSGNAOSNJOAJSUMAOFNSGMAOSGMUAONOMOANUGAMOGNOASGAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...oops fell asleep

OKAY. Related to the ability of AMPGONAGOMAMG+AGNGIUASNGAMOM and.... uh........

Okay. Let's get real this time. IT IS MARCH. THIRTEEN. 2021.



Among Us is guarenteed to skyrocket.

15.12.20 8:52 pm

YEAH, FALL GUYS SEASON 3 IS HERE. And it was SmoothSailing™! I enjoyed the rounds a lot. I was even able to join the Winter Knockout show too in the Europe server region.

But since they found some bugs with the survival rounds, they had to put the matchmaker on ice for a while until they fix things up.

I can wait, though.

13.12.20 5:18 pm

Sorry for not being able to post on the blog, I was BUSY. But I DO have a coming Monday video tomorrow.

22.11.20 11:00 am

I have a few things to say today:

  1. Fall Guys is dead. Among Us is up. (I still play Fall Guys though)
  2. I have started a series related to Among Us (where I play BADLY) on my YouTube channel. I'm just doing this for the popularity. Sadly, it failed. Maybe if I play like a PRO and I edit the videos more, it may work.
  3. I had a tiny hiatus on the blog page. That is because I have no ideas and I am busy.


17.10.20 10:05 am

iiiIIt's my 🅱irf🅱day today!!! 🎂 Wish me a happy birthday.

10.10.20 8:27 pm


i won a game of fall guys
8.10.20 8:47 pm


but i can't join; there's a login error every time i try to open the game, oh my god how do i get in

22.9.20 8:17 am

Great news! The questions page is up and running! We already have a few questions there, but if you want to ask more (or find auto-answered questions), go to the questions page and get my brain something to eat, baby!

20.9.20 2:?? pm

i have a few things to tell you today.

  1. i do not have many ideas for blog posts, if you have some, suggest on the discord server. please check this for my server.
  2. there's a chance for the "historical records" on the website to be REMOVED. sorry people, but i have to do it.
19.9.20 3:40 pm

YEA BOI!! The questions page has been added!!!

I want it to be similar to Bill Wurtz's questions page. I want it to be a really crazy thing. Dave Caruso has one too, which means I MUST have one as well. I must not fall behind Bill Wurtz, Dave Caruso, or Elliot! (what?)

justin: H E L P, IT'S TOO HARD; ninja: Welcome to life, 123. :joy: owo: ah meow; justin: how do i make a SIMPLE one; dave: uh, wire a php page to a discord webhook, i dont have that source but it's quite simple, if you dont have php idk

Actually, there's a story behind this. On 29.8.2020, in the Bill Wurtz Discord Server, I asked Dave about how to make a Q&A system. He tried to help by showing me his own code for his questions page. But that didn't help a tiny bit. Then he tried to help by suggesting a simple one, but I still didn't get it... until now, when I FINALLY did it. And so, the q&a webhook on my Discord server was born.

The Webhook.

How does it work? Using a Discord Webhook, of course! It'd go like: [questions page: user submits question] [submit.php: posts to discord webhook] [discord server: i receive the question]

If that's not enough, did I tell you that it can also auto-answer questions? Try to type "hi"...

18.9.20 8:57 pm

I'm considering to add a q&a section to my website.

18.9.20 8:30 pm (?)

Hi, I'm me.

I've made the FIRST BLOG POST on my website!

Nearly similar to Bill Wurtz's notebook page (minus the spam of course), it's where YOU, YES, YOU! get to see ALL my blog posts! So that's pretty nifty, I would say.

javascript update coming soon